Occupation in cultural institutions

LITERATURE MASTER Occupation in cultural institutions

This master's degree with a reflexive aim as well as anchored in the professional field of culture will allow to acquire a good knowledge of cultural objects and the means to accompany them by the speech and its formatting, but also by the organization of events and associative or institutional devices aimed at promoting them. It is intrinsically multidisciplinary (literature and arts), and links various cultural objects, through a transversal vision of culture. It is particularly sensitive to the contemporary sphere and its problems: new media and transmediality, hybridization of cultural practices, multiplication and dispersion of ways of behaving in front of an audience....
Focused on experimentation, this master's degree promotes and encourages contact with professionals from the local, national and international fabric without neglecting theoretical and critical training. Students are also required to promote their own production during the training, as part of individual, collective and professional projects (internships).

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