University Diploma “Arts for young audiences; works, issues and perspectives »



  • use the concepts and tools of interculturality, inclusion, public educational policies and artistic and cultural education;
  • develop a mediation methodology with children;
  • question the creative processes aimed at young audiences;
  • understand the ecosystem;
  • identify a network of cultural and political actors.

The training is organized into 3 modules :

  • “art and childhood”, giving both a historical and epistemological perspective and developing contemporary issues ;
  • “fields and creation”, in touch with aesthetic, territorial and socio-political issues of the domain ;
  • “specialization”, based on case studies in music, visual arts (animated cinema and illustration) and theater that the student can follow in whole or in part.

Educational team

Teachers-researchers (UJM, University of Artois…), cultural actors (Clés de l’audition, Philharmonie de Paris…), artists (RamDam network, Véronique Vernette…)

Head teacher



Students from UJM and elsewhere, artists, professionals from the world of culture and/or childhood


Hold a license or equivalent

Applications are open until October 10, 2024 For main registrations (students outside UJM): plateforme ecandidat
For secondary registrations (student already registered at UJM): form on request from the and on the ARTS Institute website (coming soon).


  • Free for UJM students
  • 400 euros for exteriors
  • 850 euros in continuing education


From mid-October to mid-April (integration days on October 14 and 15, 2024)

Hourly volume
Between 85 and 105 hours of teaching, depending on the specialty chosen

Teaching locations
Face-to-face training Denis Papin and Tréfilerie university campuses, Comédie de Saint-Étienne, Cinematheque, Orality School, artist studio

Full continuous monitoring (attendance, production of 3 files) The DU corresponds to 10 ECTS credits

Anne Damon-Guillot
Equipe de l’Institut ARTS