The ARTS project is based on research laboratories in the humanities and social sciences on the Lyon-Saint-Étienne site and aims to encourage and support the emergence of interdisciplinary scientific projects that may involve researchers in the field of science and engineering. One of the challenges is also to develop scientific collaborations with art college. At the launch of the project, the following laboratories are involved:

In line with the objectives of the project, based on interdisciplinarity and the crossing of knowledge and practices, four scientific areas of reflection have been identified:

  • Theory and practice of making
  • Traces, memory, territories
  • Construction of knowledge, representations, transmission
  • Arts x Sciences

Within this scientific framework, three lines of research stand out in particular:

1) Art, childhood and territory

2) Inhabiting, founding, imagining

3) Innovation, training, research


extract of the book "Saint-Etienne : grammaire de formes", (c) Eric Tabuchi - 2020