PhD and other post-graduate courses

PhD and other post-master courses

The PhD at the University

The doctoral schools attached to the University:

Jean Monnet University operates the PhD authorised by the University of Lyon, via its affiliation to several doctoral schools:
- Doctoral School in Literature, Languages, Linguistics, Arts
- Doctoral School in Social Sciences
In conjunction with the Doctoral School in Literature, Languages, Linguistics, Arts, Jean

Monnet University operates in particular:

6 mentions of PhD in art:
-    Architecture, images, forms (with ENSASE)
-    Visual arts
-    Industrial arts (with ESADSE)
-    Design
-    Music: research and practice (with the CNSMD)
-    Art sciences and esthetics

3 doctoral degrees in literature:
-    French language and literature
-    Comparative literature
-    Latin and Greek languages and literature

In conjunction with the Doctoral School in Social Sciences, Jean Monnet University also operates :
-    Ph.D. in Geography/Planning/Urbanism


Post-masters courses in art schools :

College of Architecture / National School of Architecture (Saint-Étienne):
In partnership with the Jean Monnet University: PhD in Arts, mention Architecture, images, forms
Other post-master courses: DSA / DPEA

College of Art and Design (Saint-Étienne):
In partnership with Jean Monnet University: Doctorate in Arts, Industrial Arts specialisation
Post-graduate diploma Azimuts or Residence
Higher diploma of research in design

College of Music and Dance in Lyon :
Post-graduate diploma in research and creation
Doctorate / artist diploma