The MOSAIC project

The MOSAIC project

MOSAIC (Mastering Job-oriented skills an Arts and craft thanks to Centres of vocational excellence) is a European ERASMUS plus project involving 7 countries - Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Finland, France and Italy - and 15 main partners - 6 training centres, 2 universities, one company, 3 chambers of commerce and industry, one mobility service provider, one cultural industries expert and one multiplier organisation - as well as a large number  of secondary partners. Christophe Bardin Pr. Applied arts and glass work is the leader of MOSAIC's WP3 at the UJM.

This project defines itself as follows : " Through this project, we want to address some key issues for vocational training schools and companies dealing with crafts, tradition and creativity, providing concrete solutions in tune with our times, which will ensure the full employability of learners and the competitiveness  of the business sector" (MOSAIC 2022).

In other words, what unites the different partner countries and the different stakeholders in the project is the collective reflection on the arts and crafts and, more especially, on their teaching.

It is important to emphasis that MOSAIC is the first CoVe to focus entirely on the arts and crafts sector, as part of the cultural and creative industries.

All in all, the aim of MOSAIC is to improve the quality of vocational training in these sectors in order to meet the challenges posed by digital, environmental and socio-economic developments, by proposing to generate innovations from three angles : technical, educational and social.

There are 6 working groups (WP), 3 of which are operational - WP 3 (research), WP 4 (training) and WP 5 (internalisation and experimentation).  Within this MOSAIC project, UJM is the leader of WP 3 (research) which creates the scientific knowledge base for the next two operational WP (4 and 5). For this reason it is linked to all the specific objectives. In addition to the deliverables to document the results of the research, WP 3 aims to create a European Observatory of Crafts where all the data collected by the research will be accessible to practitioners.

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