International research intership mobilty grant

International research intership mobilty grant

International mobility scholarship campaign 2023-2024

Objective of this grant :
Support grant for worldwide outgoing mobility aimed at promoting long research internships abroad.

Grant amount: EUR 1,000 per month, for a duration of 1 to 4 months for the recipient

Eligibility criteria :
•    Duly registered student at the UJM within the eligibility scope of the Graduate initiative plan.
•    Complete application form with an academic referee recommendation
•    Acceptance from the host institution
•    Eligible countries : All countries.

Terms of the award: 
Academic excellence ; quality of the dissertation project as well as coherence of the professional project.

A committee will be in charge of selecting a candidate and, if required, will make a complementary ranking.

A committee will ensure that the vulnerability conditions will be taken into account (disability, family income, first-generation students at the University,etc).

The call for application will favour the destinations associated with the ARTS Institute.

This grant can be combined with other programmes for international mobility support (regional grant, european grant, family income grant,etc.)
For further information, visit the International relations management (the DRI) website.

The training director, the ARTS Institute and, if required, the DRI, will provide the support to the student.

Payment terms :    
A mobility agreement will be drawn up with the successful student.

The grant is paid in two installments:
•    The first installment amounts to 75% of the total after the effective arrival of the student within the host institution upon presentation of bank account details and of a signed mobility agreement.
•    The installment for the remaining is paid at the end of the mobility on the condition of attending the internship and presenting an internship report.

Contact : ARTS Institute (institut-arts @