Master research interships

Master research interships

Internship scholarship campaign 2023-2024

Objective of this scholarship :

This scholarship is aimed at encouraging long research internships (from 3 to 6 months) within cultural institutions in France.

These internships are particularly destined to a deep study of untapped collections or requiring a new investigation, or more widely, to support any scientific project held by the related institution.

Scholarship amount:

Within the legislation of reference and for more than two-month, internships based in France will be paid EUR 4.05 per hour (the equivalent of about EUR 650 a month full time)

Eligibility criteria:

The students must be pursuing one Master’s degree within the eligibility scope of the Graduate initiative.

Awarding criteria : Quality of the dissertation project as well as coherence of the professional project.

Number of scholarships: In total about 21 months of internship bonus a year will be granted to carry out internships following two processes:

  • Upon proposals of subjects and thematics from cultural institutions
  • Upon call for applications to students

The internships will be carried out continuously or not, according to a schedule to be planned in a collaborative manner by the hosting institution, the intern and the internship supervisor.

Terms of the award :

Line 1 : Upon proposals of subjects and thematics from cultural institutions.

The Arts Institute makes a request for proposals of subjects and thematics for 3 to 6 month research internships among the partner and member cultural institutions of the Institute in order to collect proposals which will be presented to the students afterwards. The interested students, having previously identified a dissertation supervisor, submit their application to the dedicated cultural institution.

The list of subjects and thematics from the cultural institutions will be communicated on the occasion of June, 6 2023 webinar.

Line 2 : The students can apply to this internship scholarship having previously identified a host cultural institution and a dissertation supervisor.

In both cases a SFRI committee will study the internship projects in order to grant the sholarship.


Contact : ARTS Institute (institut-arts @